David and Sara Noble ( DSN )

DSN Pest Services is a small husband and wife team that has been performing pest control services for over 25 years. Top rated on sites such as Home Advisor and Angies list. We are big enough to handle any pest control problem but small enough to know you by name. Call for a no obligation quote or ask for an inspection. David will come out for free. His cell phone is 443-497-1407. We pride ourselves on prompt and professional service at an affordable price. Try the DSN difference ! You will be glad you did !


Termite control

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Termites live in the ground and enter your home inside the cinder block walls and along the foundation . They build mud tubes into your home and remain hidden from view under floors and behind walls. They eat away at the wood and slowly destroy your home. We offer both Termidor termiticide and Advance Termite baiting programs to safely and effectively kill your termites. Call for information on a customized plan for your home.

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Kill the termites, not your bank account. Get in touch with us today.


Ants and Roaches

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority! We offer safe, non-chemical spraying methods to get rid of your ant and roach problems. Most treatments can be done while you and your children are home. Call David at 443-497-1407 for additional information.


Mice and Rats

A mouse can enter your home or building through a hole the size of a dime. A rat can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter. DSN Pest Services can rid your home of these unwanted pests with a combination of traps and baits inside and outside. We can then prevent future infestations with a very affordable follow-up service. Safety regarding children and pets is our top priority.


The Pest Control Service You Can Depend On

Other pest issues ?

Do you have other issues not mentioned on our site ? We kill most things for money ! Crickets, moths, silverfish, bee and wasp nests and so much more. Just call David at 443-497-1407 and let's talk.


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DSN Pest Services 

Service for Ants, Roaches, Mice, Termites and much more.


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